In partnership with Next Step Ministries and ATB Financial EmpowerU provides financial education, job skill development, and post-secondary guidance to women exiting sex work through workshops and one-on-one education. The community project distributes two $500 scholarships each year for women who are passionate about pursuing post-secondary education. Our overarching goal is to help reintegrate the women back into society with the skills and confidence to succeed and live independently. The classes are a gateway to further opportunities for involvement in these women’s lives, offering them assistance with managing their finances, going back to school, and beyond. Our goal is to expand EmpowerU’s reach through additional educational programs and partnerships. Through the financial literacy classes, many of the women now feel empowered to start their own social enterprises. Witnessing the passion that is ignited in these women, EmpowerU is excited introduce another set of workshops that teaches social entrepreneurship to provide a means of both earning potential income and giving back to the world. Consulting with mentors, team members, and experts, EmpowerU is exploring ways to develop itself into a social enterprise that will work alongside these women and provide them with a further source of income.




In the past 40 years our world has experienced many life changing innovations. However, Canada’s grade school curriculum has stayed relatively stagnant. Only 25% of high school graduates understand the concept of entrepreneurship.
In partnership with CBE, Mindfuel, and the Mount Royal Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the Innovation Mentorship program mentors grade 5 to 9 students in the classrooms to gain an entrepreneurial mindset. Enactus MRU members from across campus and faculties, are recruited, trained, and empowered to mentor youth in the classroom by helping them understand and utilize the tools to take entrepreneurial action. This semester 20 Enactus MRU mentors are contributing a total of 240 volunteer hours to mentor 200 students in grades 5 to 9. In the classroom, students are learning how to use the skills that they have gained in their option classes and seeking opportunity to further their community through an entrepreneurial mindset. To do so, teachers use the 17 sustainable development goals and Design thinking. By the end of the semester, students will have defined a problem, found possible solutions, prototyped their ideas, and put it to the test! Furthermore, Enactus mentors are also earning valuable experience in the design thinking process, entrepreneurship, leadership, and working with youth.




Did you know that over 9.5 million tons of textile waste goes to North American landfills in just one year? The average person throws away 37 kg of clothing annually, contributing to the increasing global phenomenon that is textile waste.

StrandUp is a sustainable bag company that aims to increase awareness of the environmental impacts of textile waste while providing an alternative to single use plastic bags. Adopting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Enactus Mount Royal is taking action on Responsible Consumption and Production. As a zero-waste bag company, we collect donated clothing from businesses, fellow students, and other community members, and upcycle them into tote bags. 

Together, we are standing up for our planet, one strand at a time. 


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