Millions of people consume coffee every day. In Canada alone, 1.5 billion coffee cups are thrown into landfills every year. This problem is overlooked within our society, simply because people lack environmental awareness. Green Cup is an advertising company, with a mission to change the face of waste. Green Cup sells the advertising space on compostable cups. The cups are then sold to retailers like high schools, universities, and recreation centres; ensuring that the advertisers are reaching their exact target market. By selling to closed environment, Green Cup can ensure that the compostable cups are being properly disposed of; decreasing the amount of coffee cups going into the landfill.




The textile industry is the second largest waste producer in the world. Canada’s average annual textile waste output is almost 510 million kilograms. That is equivalent to the weight of more than 15 million shopping carts. Unravelled is a zero-waste yarn company that specializes in transforming corporate clothing waste into high quality, easy to use t-shirt yarn. It aims to create awareness about the environmental impact of the clothing industry by allowing a corporately branded shirt to have more than one life. The company receives t-shirts for free through donations, providing organizations with free disposal and the promise of destroying any branding and logos.




Open fires, burning wood to ash, produce an unhealthy amount of indoor air pollution that causes over 4 million deaths each year. Stoke, located in Kenya, is a stove that converts wood into charcoal, which can become biochar. Among a myriad of other uses, biochar mixed with compost significantly increases crop yields and garden productivity. The crops grow better, families are healthier, and due to the local businesses building the stoves, the economy grows as well. These stoves save trees by burning ⅓ of the wood that a normal fire uses. This is in addition to several tonnes of C02 that each stove can prevent from being emitted  to the atmosphere.


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