Chelsea is in her fourth year of Business, majoring in General Management and double minoring in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Social Innovation!
Why Chelsea joined Enactus:
“I joined Enactus because I always wanted to do something to help others and I wasn’t sure exactly how to do that. When I heard about Enactus it really spoke to me. And I was excited to be apart of a student team that was creating positive change. Enactus has encouraged me to grow and I have learned so much since being involved and met many really awesome people.”



Kyla is in her fourth year of Business, majoring in Marketing with a minor in International Business and Economics.
Why Kyla joined Enactus:
“I have always wanted to help make a difference in the World, and when I heard about Enactus I had finally found outlet to do so! I was excited to join a club where everyone wanted to take action and create positive change in our community. Being apart of Enactus has fueled my passion for helping others, and I have met amazing people along the way.”


EmpowerU Project Lead

Laura is in her final year of  Business Administration with a double major in Human Resources and Marketing, and a double minor in Social Innovation Non-Profit and English.
Why Laura joined Enactus:
“I joined Enactus in order to part of something bigger than myself and to work alongside passionate people to make positive change in the world.”


Marketing & Tech

Calum is a Bachelor of Communication student, majoring in Information Design and minoring in Marketing. He is passionate about design, video, and making a difference.
Why Calum joined Enactus:
“I wanted to be part of a team that was both fun and passionate about issues happening both on and off campus.”


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